Promotion of the Tiberio Gorges

In the last ten years I have promoted the beauties of the Tiberio Gorges. Today these Gorges are considered as one of the most important naturalistic sites in Sicily. For me, it was a very hard work and I have been guided by a strong attachment  to my territory. At the same time, my studies at the university, like the semiotic theory of the value and of the beauty, have been useful. I did my first crossings in 2007 with the Cai association of Cefalù. Then I continued this activity thanks to Madonie Outdoor ASD. Every excursion was a discover of an uncontaminated world: I strongly believe in the possibility of a naturalistic tourism in Sicily. I believe to live in my island is a very big fortune. Finally, I believe to promote naturalistic sites means to give the possibility to know naturalistic beauties to young people.