The Madonie Park ( Sicily)

The Madonie Park, established by the Sicily Region on 9 November 1989, has among its objectives the protection, management , conservation and protection of the landscape and the natural environment, to allow for better living conditions in the development of the economy and the proper arrangement of the protected area. This latter includes 15 municipalities with a rich landscape of exceptional beauty for about 40 thousand hectares. Here you can find the richest biodiversity and geodiversity of the central Mediterranean. In fact, in this area , which includes only the 2% of the Sicilian territory, you can admire half of the more evolved species of flora present on the island, about 2600 species. All species of mammals present in Sicily are also represented . The Madonie Mountains are the oldest to emerge in Sicily, they date back to the Middle-Upper Triassic about 230 million to 220 million years ago.

The municipalities of the park are: Caltavuturo, Castelbuono, Castellana, Cefalù, Collesano, Geraci Siculo, Gratteri Isnello, Petralia, Petralia Sottana, Polizzi Generosa, Pollina, San Mauro Castelverde, Sclafani Bagni, Scillato.