Rafting in the Pollina river in the winter

Rafting in the gorges of Tiberius, on the Pollina river, is one of the first examples in Sicily of this sport that has in the world many fans.

Rafting in the gorges of Tiberius.

The river, which can be classified first and second degree, is easy to travel and accessible to all because it has flat water with stretches in current and with little depth, except for a few short stretches. The excursion includes a visit to the Tiberius Gorges – Geoprak site recognized by UNESCO – and the descent of the river to a few meters from the Tyrrhenian Sea for about 8 kilometers and for a duration of about 4 hours.

PLACE OF ACTIVITY: Pollina River. Tiberius Gorges-Motorway bridge 8 km long

PERIOD: JANUARY-MARCH (suitable river conditions must be created in order to organise descents).

PRICE: adult € 60.00
We organize excursions only by appointment for groups of 6 people
The excursion includes: full clothing neoprene (wetsuit, stocking, water jacket) lifebuoy and helmet, recovery means, insurance and photos with GoPro

For booking and information Giovanni – Rafting Guide of the Italian Rafting Federation – Italy
3714647607 – escursioni@goleditiberio.com

Other information.

The route crosses a valuable territory with a remarkable biodiversity inside the Madonie Park and Sic areas (site of community interest), among olive groves, citrus and ash groves for manna; this is the only Sicilian valley where manna is produced.
The landscape surrounding the river is very varied and a few kilometers away you go from the rocky and inaccessible area where the golden eagle nests to the plains adjacent to the river in the last part of the path.