River trail in The Pollina River e Gole of Tiberio

The River Trail is a walk in the riverbed with a low water flow.

The event involves the ascent of a stretch of the Pollina river with the crossing of the Tiberius Gorges at the height of the village of the same name in the territory of San Mauro Castelverde in the eastern part of the Madonie Park.
The excursion lasts about 4 hours and includes an initial downhill section that leads from the village of Tiberius to the river Pollina. After about half a kilometre of ascent you will meet the Small Gorges, about 150 meters long. These can be crossed on foot or by swimming.
After another 400 meters you will meet the Tiberius Gorges, which will be crossed with rubber dinghies. The Tiberius Gorges, a Geopark site recognized by UNESCO, are about 400 meters long and consist of limestone rocks formed in the Upper Triassic about 200 million years ago.

PERIOD: Spring, autumn and winter
PLACE: Pollina River and Tiberius Gorges – length about 4 km
DIFFICULITY: The route is accessible to all
EQUIPMENT: Madonie Outdoor will provide diving suits, lifebuoys and rubber dinghies to cross the Gorges, the sticks. Participants must be provided with clothing suitable for the season (we recommend: shorts, T-shirt, swimsuit) hat, rocking shoes or gymnastics (no flip flops), a change and bottle with water.
PRICE: € 25.00 per person, including guide and equipment.

For reservations or information please contact 3714647607 or write to escursioni@goleditiberio.com

Other information
Visiting the Gorges means discovering the fossils of Gasteropodi, the numerous bird nests even a few centimetres from the water, the numerous caves once inhabited by robbers and the legends linked to them and to the place, famous that of the Miricu and the Monster, the play of light that is created between the water and the walls, the contrast between warm external winds and internal coolness.
After crossing the gorges you can stop at the equipped area of La Rocca and then return to the cars along the trazzera that leads from the gorges to the village of Tiberius.
The excursion, unique in its kind, reveals the secrets linked to the world of the river and its ecosystem made up of many living beings, animals and plants, which for thousands of years have lived in a perfect balance, the river is harmony of sound between the slow flow of water, the rustle of the leaves and the song of the birds that inhabit the valley; the route is a celebration of colours and smells marked by the alternation of the seasons; all this set in an enchanted and integral landscape in which the warmth of the sun’s rays, the coolness of the water and the sea breeze create a sense of physical and mental wellbeing for the hiker.
The purpose of the event is to make known and enhance the waterways in the Madonie Park and their potential from the point of view of natural tourism.