Terms and conditions


1. How the service is performed

The excursion includes crossing the gorge in a rubber dinghy and a walk along the Pollina river which, depending on the season, takes place downstream to the small gorge or upstream to the lakes. In both cases it is possible to swim. Along the way you can admire the typical flora and fauna of the river environment. Inside the Gorge, about 400 meters long, it is possible to observe: the fossils, U miricu, the birds’ nests, the boulder of the brigands, the play of light and uncontaminated and wild vegetation immersed in silence.


PERIOD: APRIL AND OCTOBER SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY – SEPTEMBER EVERY DAY (in any case online booking or whatsapp is required)


2. What is provided

The price includes:

  • excursion with guide
  • equipment (boat, helmet, cap and life jacket)
  • insurance
  • use of the services of the La Rocca equipped area (supervised rest area, bathrooms, changing rooms, tables and barbecue).

The use of safety lockers is not included in the price.

In the area there is a sandwich bar and a shop for buying shoes for the excursion.

The shuttle service from the car park to the equipped area and vice versa is not included in the price.


3. How to use the service

It is necessary to arrive at the parking area of ​​the La Rocca equipped area 15/20 minutes before the booking time, equipped with closed and comfortable shoes that allow easy access to the equipped area. For the excursion it is recommended to use sneakers (they will get wet), crocs, or rock shoes with thick soles, as well as comfortable clothes that can get wet (which is why a change is recommended). The use of open shoes (flip-flops, sandals) is strictly prohibited.


4. Payment

Cost of service:

  • Adults €20.00
  • Children (6-14 years) €12.00
  • Baby (2-5 years) € 3.00 for equipment
  • Diving suit rental € 5.00 (it can only be used in the months when the water is colder, such as April and October, to avoid getting wet)

The payment of the excursion will take place on the spot.

The reservation will be canceled (subject to telephone notification) on days when the weather and river conditions do not allow safe crossing by dinghy.

For safety reasons, the management reserves the right to suspend the activity at any time.